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Xander's store was no longer as dusty as it had been, but he was paying little mind to it at the moment. He was gently pulling Sam along with him up the stairs to the small apartment over the furniture and woodwork shop. The rooms were slightly neat, if clearly lived in. It would never make the cover of a home design magazine, especially not with how clashing some of the colors and fabrics on the couch and pillows were.

However the single focus was on the entryway to the bedroom. The bedroom resembled a typical guy's bachelor pad. A few dirty laundry on the floor, some borrowed porn from the media library. An empty cup that once been filled with a liquid at one point, but had since formed a crusty surface at the bottom.

Xander meanwhile immediately moved to help Sam out of his clothes once inside the room.

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In all honesty, Sam wasn't paying attention to the surroundings. It still looked better than most of the hotels that he'd grown up in and was cleaner than Dean sometimes kept things. The bedroom was all he was currently interested in. Unsurprisingly, Xander was feeling the same way.

"It's not any cooler here," he managed, every bit as interested in getting his clothes off as Xander was. Mostly because he still had the most clothing on and that wasn't going to do. Not in the least. Especially since shirts off meant they could get back to the kissing.

Still, he managed to be careful getting that last shirt off Xander. No telling when they'd get a chance to restock and clothing was pretty precious. Then it was gone and he was pulling Xander close again, head down to catch Xander's mouth in another kiss.


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