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Nothing like a spot of tea to make you under the collar?!

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Xander's store was no longer as dusty as it had been, but he was paying little mind to it at the moment. He was gently pulling Sam along with him up the stairs to the small apartment over the furniture and woodwork shop. The rooms were slightly neat, if clearly lived in. It would never make the cover of a home design magazine, especially not with how clashing some of the colors and fabrics on the couch and pillows were.

However the single focus was on the entryway to the bedroom. The bedroom resembled a typical guy's bachelor pad. A few dirty laundry on the floor, some borrowed porn from the media library. An empty cup that once been filled with a liquid at one point, but had since formed a crusty surface at the bottom.

Xander meanwhile immediately moved to help Sam out of his clothes once inside the room.

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Xander spaced out for a moment to stare. Wow, the guy looked big, but he really is big all over. So he's naked.

Why wasn't he? ...Oh! Right, right, had to fix that. He scooted and arched up to quickly unfasten and remove his jeans and briefs.

He sighed in relief as his hardness sprang free.
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Sam crouched down to help with that, because he wanted Xander naked. After that, he'd worry about the rest of it.

Though as soon as Xander was free and jeans were gone, he didn't stop himself from reaching out and taking hold of the other man, making an experimental stroke.

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Now he was free, Xander could flop down on the bed with a happy moan. His hips jerked toward Sam's hand. Then he reached out to grab Sam closer for more kissing.
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Sam let go after a moment, letting himself be drawn onto the bed proper. Which turned into Sam tugging Xander up to be fully on the bed, turned on his side and head on pillow so that they both had neck support. It was a lot easier this way.

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Xander sighed happily at the increased comfort as he settled on the bed. He made sure he was snuggled flush against Sam. His hips moved against him again encouragingly.
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Sam sighed as well, stroking his hand down Xander's side as he leaned forward to kiss him again. His own hips responded to the encouragement, rubbing back against Xander quite happily.

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He moaned again into Sam's mouth as his hardness slid alongside Sam's. Xander's reached down to touch and stroke along the length.
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Sam groaned, letting go of the kiss to make his way down Xander's neck to kiss and suck a soft mark into his skin. He rocked into Xander's hand, his own hand moving down to the other man's ass again.

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Xander bared his throat, and sped up his strokes. Applying the right friction and pressure as he liked done to himself. He shifted to bare his ass more to Sam.
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The sound that got from Sam was appreciative, along with the bared throat. He took that as permission, sealing his lips to Xander's skin and sucking harder, feeling the heat of the forming bruise against his lips.

His hips shifted slightly, pushing him and Xander's hand more against Xander's length as well, hand squeezing the other man's ass harder to tug him close.

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Xander moaned louder, and he shifted to grab hold of both of them to stroke now. It was trickier with both of them so slicked up now, but it made it easier to stroke even faster.
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It was damned awkward, actually, but at the same time, it was really good, too. Sam groaned against Xander's throat, hips working with the other man's movements, rubbing them harder against each other.

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Xander's actions grew increasingly more frantic, trying to send them both over the edge.

"God... need more." He wasn't sure what he was asking for, but he wanted it. Wanted more of Sam. He lowered his head to kiss and tongue against the other man's muscled chest.
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And he was getting really close. The heat and sweat and closeness was making it harder for Sam to keep his cool.

He slid his hand into Xander's hair, arching against his mouth. "What do you need?" he asked, voice managing even deeper and rougher than before.

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His strokes against them grew even more frenzied.
His other hand, he brought back to touch Sam's hand on his ass and draw it further downward. He'd never even considered it, but he instinctively was getting ideas how to go with this.
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Sam wouldn't say he'd ever really considered it, but he'd been to college fairly near San Francisco and enough gay friends that he'd once been interested enough in the mechanics for research.

It was research he was glad he'd done, now, as he slid his fingers down, fingertips finding and pressing against the ring of muscle there. Not trying to press in, just massaging around the outside.

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It was strange and definitely beyond hands in new places territory now. But Xander was liking the contact, and he jutted his ass further out to encourage Sam.

That didn't mean he stopped his own efforts however. If anything it made him re-double his efforts to send Sam over.
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It really wasn't going to take long. Sam groaned loudly, hips jerking up into Xander's hold, fingers pressing a bit harder. His other hand tugged Xander's head back by the hair, leaning in to seal his mouth over the other man's before he came with a shudder and very happy sound.

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Xander groaned into his mouth, and kissed back. His strokes gradually slowed over Sam, and slicking him up at the same time. There was a whine at the feel of Sam's fingers, hoping for more pressure.
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It was the whine that did it. Sam nipped at Xander's bottom lip as he pressed his finger in slowly. Just the tip and a little more, but not deep. His hips kept shifting as well, rocking against Xander and his hand.