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Name:Xander Harris
Birthdate:May 15
Location:California, United States of America
Age: 23
Canon Timeline: Post-Chosen, (adding some of S8 comic book canon as well)
Looks: Pretty fit now from his carpentry employment, and frequent assists on nightly patrols, wears an eyepatch due to loss of left eye. Brown hair and eyes. Tallish height.
Xander's had a long history. Once upon a time, he was the only son of Anthony and Jessica Harris, and frequently overlooked by his parents. His father was a loud alcoholic who frequently fought with his mother, and more often than not, food was scarce at his household. There might have been some history of abuse as well. In any event, it was not a happy place to grow up in.

Luckily, there was his best friends growing up. Willow Rosenberg, and Jesse. He'd often go over to their houses to avoid his parents, and also find ways to get meals. He once stole Willow's barbie, but they remained friends anyway.

Things changed some when Buffy Summers transferred to their high school in Sunnydale, CA. Jesse was sired, and Xander inadvertingly staked him. Meanwhile, he and Willow became the first members of what would soon be called the Scooby Gang. They would work together with Buffy and her Watcher, Rupert Giles.

Been a lot of adventures since then. Survived mutiple ends of the worlds, killed a lot of vampires and demons, survived high school. Xander skipped the HS deal, going through a series of job until he stumbled onto carpentry. Became really good at it, and had a purpose there.

Had a series of girlfriends, and a lot of broken hearts over the years. His last one, Anya, a former vengeance demon that he changed his mind on marrying on their wedding day. He had a lot of reasons, valid ones, but the damage was done.

Now she was dead, a number of casualities in the last battle of the Sunnydale Hellmouth before it was closed for good. And the town along with it.

So "where do we go from here?" Especially for the now one-eyed carpenter, and Heart of the Scoobies. "The One Who Sees." Maybe the answers lie somewhere else in a distant world?

(Disclaimer: Xander Harris is not mine, he belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Productions, and Twentieth Century Fox. Neither is his PB mine, that's Nicolas Brendon. This journarl's strictly being used for RP purposes at Apharsites, and no infringement intended.)
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